Medium Readings, Intuitive Readings & Life Path Readings

We are all like diamonds, multi-faceted and valuable.  Our psychics and mediums are trustworthy and accurate in their services as consultants, coaches and healers.  We are all unique and the universe is calling you to explore and experience more of what you want. Sometimes, it just takes a moment of clarity and powerful intuition and connection to see a clearer path towards your hearts desire.

Our Readings are by appointment only with evening and weekend availability.

We offer SKYPE readings, as well as Parties, Events and Group Workshops.

Please call (973) 960-9505 to schedule your reading.


Reiki Energy Healing Sessions

Reiki is an ancient method of connecting with your energy source through your chakra’s and healing blockages and energy reversals.  These may manifest in your life through emotional turmoil and physical ailments. For centuries eastern practitioners have honored and respected the energetic meridians that run parallel to our nervous system and affect our lives in a thousand different ways.  Whether it’s a shift in perspective or a weight off your shoulders, Reiki sessions are non-invasive, relaxing and healing.

Reiki is offered through the wellness center by appointment only.  Distance sessions are offered after an initial consultation.

Please call 973-960-9505 to schedule your Reiki Appointment


EFT Tapping into Health, Wealth & Happiness

EFT Tapping is a structured modality designed to connect through non-invasive acupressure and Neuro Linguistic programming (NLP) to connect with each person exactly where they are in the moment and help them release the heavy weight of negative emotional holding them back and keeping them small.  Whether you are an entrepreneur looking to expand your business and wondering why each step seems a struggle, or in a cycle of poor choices in relationships, EFT Tapping meets you where you are in the moment and provides real measurable and transformational relief.

Sessions are offered via SKYPE or Zoom, and one on one in person at the Wellness Center

Please Call 973-960-9505 to schedule your EFT Tapping session