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Divination with a Pendulum

Divination with a Pendulum

 – Ask Questions & Receive Answers. Pendulum work is known as dowsing and is used to provide yes/no answers effectively tapping into the science of kinesiology. Students will first learn how to use their own body as a method for energy testing with yes/no questions.  Then understand how to use the pendulum.  Each student will through hands on practice, learn how to form the question, and receive the answer through pendulum dowsing.  Along with the instruction and conversation around ethics, integrity and answering other people’s questions. 

1 Session

90 Minute Workshop

Students Receive: 

  • Crystal Pendulum
  • Pendulum Map
  • Pouch
  • Journal  

Learn an introduction to the science of the energetic fields (meridians) running through and around your body. Through demonstrations and hands on work each student will learn how to receive the inner knowing through the pendulum. 

July 2: Divination with a Pendulum147.00 USDJuly 2, 2019 90 minute Course: starts at 7PM
July 21: Divination with a Pendulum147.00 USDJuly 21, 2019 90 minute Course: starts at 7PM
August 13: Divination with a Pendulum147.00 USDAugust 13, 2019 90 minute Course: starts at 7PM
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Class schedule: 

7/2/19 at 7 pm

7/21/19 at 12pm

8/13/19 at 7 pm


Maximum 6 students per class

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