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Soul Healing

Healing our spirit (soul) from past traumas, life experiences and even past lives helps us find out what is block and how to get it unblocked.  Weekly appointments with homework designed to help you grow and nourish yourself. “Whatever relationships you have attracted in your life at this moment, are precisely the ones you need… Read More Soul Healing

Readings, What we Offer

Medium Readings, Intuitive Readings & Life Path Readings

We are all like diamonds, multi-faceted and valuable.  Our psychics and mediums are trustworthy and accurate in their services as consultants, coaches and healers.  We are all unique and the universe is calling you to explore and experience more of what you want. Sometimes, it just takes a moment of clarity and powerful intuition and… Read More Medium Readings, Intuitive Readings & Life Path Readings

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*New* Learn Tarot – 10 Week Certification Course

Learn to read Tarot confidently and professionally for fun or for income, this 10-week course is for beginners to intermediate Learn to read Tarot Cards like a Professional With over 10 hours of course content and 3 hours of practical experience, the The Complete Tarot Reading Course is more complete than just an average tarot… Read More *New* Learn Tarot – 10 Week Certification Course

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Are You Psychic?

This is an introduction to several psychic modalities: Intuition, Pendulum, Tarot Cards, dowsing rods and more as time allows.  Each modality will be explained and demonstrated and each student will have an opportunity to try. Through a measuring system explained in the workshop students will be able to write down their connection with each metaphysical… Read More Are You Psychic?