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Our Current Course and Workshop Catalog

*New* Learn Tarot – 10 Week Certification Course

Learn to read Tarot confidently and professionally for fun or for income, this 10-week course is for beginners to intermediate ...
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Are you Psychic

Are You Psychic?

This is an introduction to several psychic modalities: Intuition, Pendulum, Tarot Cards, dowsing rods and more as time allows.  Each ...
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art of forgiveness and getting unstuck

The Art of Forgiveness and Getting Unstuck

This workshop is for anyone who has experienced loss or hardship and isn’t sure how to release the heavy feeling.  ...
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heal money issues

Money Consciousness – Healing Money Issues

This workshop series is perfect for anyone interested in changing their vibration and energy flow about money.  Designed for Law ...
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heal with art

Heal with Art

Each session is a healing unfoldment as colors, conversation, meditation and music are combined to release stress, anxiety and provide ...
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Heal with writing

Heal with Writing

Students will learn the healing powers of releasing negative connections to thoughts or events through mindstorming.  This powerful tool provides ...
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healing hands 101

Healing Hands 101

Each student will learn the history and symbols of Reiki as taught by Mikao Usui to Hawayo Takata and through ...
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art of divination level i

Art of Divination – Level I

This is a pre-requisite course for the subsequent courses Level II, and Level III. Each level of the Art of ...
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divination with runes 101 symbols, interpretation & best practices

Divination with Runes 101

This is a pre-requisite for Runes 2. This course covers symbols, interpretation & best practices. In this course students will ...
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divination with a pendulum

Divination with a Pendulum

 – Ask Questions & Receive Answers. Pendulum work is known as dowsing and is used to provide yes/no answers effectively ...
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souls insirpiration wellness & education center

Art of Manifestation

This workshop series is designed for all levels or Law of Attraction enthusiast or practitioner. Whether you are a coach, ...
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Crystal Energy Healing – Mind/Body/Spirit

This is workshop is designed for all levels of interest in Crystals as it walks students through the hands-on experiences ...
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Crystal Chakra Healing Workshop

This is a beginner to intermediate workshop walks students through each crystal in the workshop and its purpose.  Through hands ...
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We are so happy to be able to open up our Educational division to provide the insight, instruction and like minded community for those seeking instruction in spiritual and metaphysical areas.

All of our courses, classes and workshops are designed to meet you where you are at the moment, and help you step forward into your success.

Ongoing Workshops & Courses: Call 973-960-9505 for the next available spot

  • Reiki Energy Healing  I & II
  • Tarot Reading for Pleasure or Business
  • The Law of Attraction 101 – Manifesting Prosperity
  • The Art of Manifestation Workshop
  • The Art of Visualization Workshop
  • Crystal Energy Healing for Fun or Profit
  • Are you Psychic?  Workshop

One on One Coaching & Classes

Are you someone that is interesting in learning more about a metaphysical modality in a private setting?  Request one on one coaching and classes in any of the modalities provided at our wellness center:

  • Reiki Healing
  • Crystal Energy & Healing
  • Law of Attraction
  • Tarot Card Reading
  • Psychic Mediumship
  • Starting a Spiritual Business

Call Psychic Medium Dorothy Toner at (973) 960-9505 and provide CODE: REALTAROT for a discount.